About Our Advanced Program


Life-Talk focuses on learning more about daily life. It’s a program in which small groups share thoughts on interesting real-life questions. It gives us a new, practical way to help people discover both how they can keep learning from their experiences and how essentially good, wise and strong they each really are. 

Our advanced program, Life-Beyond-Talk, is not a program for groups, but for individuals. It’s likely to be especially valuable to those currently feeling life works fine for them but, somehow, something still feels missing.

What is usually missing is a fully-developed view of reality. After childhood, we typically see ourselves as individuals, each responsible for our own welfare. That is, we see ourselves as separate from others and the world around us. 

Although that’s true in a limited sense, it’s more accurate, and far more healthful, to learn to see ourselves as one of the many expressions of the whole of Nature and, thus, in tune with Nature, or, we might say, One with All.

Said another way, our advanced program responds directly to the ancient dictum: Know Thyself. It helps us come to know ourselves in the fullest sense, the truest sense. And, as we will suggest, it is that — and only that — that will allow humans to live together harmoniously, with each other and with all of Nature. 

Until then, environmental degradation, warfare, poverty, political corruption – all of which are based on a me/not-me duality – will remain as unsolvable problems.

This approach is consistent with the current non-dual work of Rupert Spira, Eckard Tolle, and Mooji, who offer many Youtube programs and publications elaborating on that viewpoint.

Anyone can attend our Life-Beyond-Talk program, whether or not they are also engaged in Life Talk or any other program. It is free and open to all.

It is currently offered only on Tuesdays, 7 PM eastern US time, 4 PM Pacific Time. Meetings will last no longer than 60 minutes. Each meeting is complete in itself so no one need commit to the series. Feel free to drop in, perhaps simply to see if it suits you.

Complete and submit the form below. We will send you a reminder email with the Zoom link prior to the Tuesday meeting.