Life-Talk For Businesses & Organizations

How might a business or agency make use of the power of Life-Talk?

For a large organizational staff, administrators could send everyone a description and perhaps a short video of a Life-Talk meeting and then arrange a time for all interested persons to experience a Life-Talk session for themselves,  perhaps virtually.  

Or we could help you show how, say, committee chairpersons or department heads could try one LT experience with their members and then build on that experience. 

Life-Talk sessions for new hires are especially valuable to  start healthy team work and to strengthen a cooperative spirit in the company.

In a mental health agency, for example, we might conduct a sample  session for all staff and then discuss options for offering it to  some or all of their clients. For libraries and community centers we could train staff members or community volunteers to be facilitators of an LT meeting and, then, help in the recruitment of members for local groups. 

Attendance in LT meetings is usually voluntary, but some organizations may want to recommend attendance for people who are underperforming, disruptive, or otherwise are seen to have unmet personal needs.  

LT meetings could be held after working hours, during working hours, as an option in the cafeteria, for example, or via Zoom or similar service. We could also train local  facilitators and train some of them to train other local facilitators. 

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Talking together, we can almost always find productive ways of doing so.